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DIY Backsplash

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I have blogged (I am really terrible at it obviously) but thought I would share how to install a backsplash and how I installed mine. Be prepared to have patience ;), there were a few times that I thought to myself “what did I get myself into” but hey it paid off, just like all of my other DIY projects!

Here is my kitchen before, while I do think it was pretty as is, I knew it needed a backsplash for me to LOVE it!


First, determine if you want to take off the “counter top” backsplash. I personally think that it looks MUCH better removing this as I prefer backsplashes to go all the way down to the countertop. To do this you will need:

crow bar

blade (for cutting caulk)


flat puddy knife (not pictured)


First start by cutting the caulk line from your wall and countertop backsplash and then move onto cutting the caulk line from the countertop backsplash to the countertop. You will need to cut this or that piece will not move from the wall ;).

Next, you want to pull it away from the wall, this will require some muscle. I didn’t get pictures of this step as I was pulling it off by myself ;). Some tips for this process, is finding the studs and starting there hammer your crow bar between the wall and the countertop lip and pull towards you. If you just pull along any part of the wall, you will most likely put holes in your wall. I used my flat putty knife to help as well.  When that is done, you will have a mess to clean up ;). I scraped the excess caulk off my wall and countertop with a flat blade.



Next, repair the holes. You can skip this step if you want, BUT keep in mind that you want a flat surface to apply your backsplash to and if you have holes, you wont be able to place mortar to secure your backsplash. I use joint compound and drywall tape.




Once it is all repaired and dry you can start your backsplash!

Items needed:

Backsplash tile

Tile saw (wet saw if your tiles are glass or marble)

Notched Trowel

Grout Float

Grout Sponge




First, mix your mortar (no picture sorry). I just used a bucket and mixed a little at a time so that it didn’t dry out. Pour your powder mortar and then mix water until the mix is like a waffle mix batter consistency. Use your notched trowel to spread grout on the wall and then use the the notched part to put texture in it.


Then put your tile on and make sure it is level, I used spacers to make sure that the gap between my counter and the backsplash was even.



Continue the steps until you are complete. If you do a backsplash like mine, you will need to cut small little tiles around outlets and where the backsplash meets the wall. This was my least favorite part because I ended up having to do one tile at a time. I placed a tile by the spot I needed it for and put a little mark on it and then went outside and cut it. It was not fun, but it got the job done ;).

Next is grouting. I bought this grout as it already has sealer in it and it was premixed which was a plus!


I put gloves on for this part and just slathered it on with my hands and then used my grout float to smear it in the cracks and take off the excess, the wet your sponge and wipe the rest of the grout off. Wipe until there is no more grout on the surface of your tile. Do small sections at a time. I cannot stress this enough! I started doing larger sections and it was a PAIN to remove the excess grout with my sponge because it dried so quickly. Once you are done grouting, enjoy your backsplash!!

Lastly here are my before and afters!! Happy tiling! Let me know if you have any questions!!


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