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Cosette’s Floral Nursery

Ok, lets be honest this room is probably one of my favorites in my house. Why? Well you see, when I found out I was pregnant April of 2016 I started searching pinterest for nursery ideas for girls and boys and found a room I fell absolutely in love with for a little girl. Because I didn’t know the gender I just kept on pinning and pinning different rooms and kept coming back to that room. The designer linked where she got all of her items and don’t worry the room would have costed me about $7,000 to copy ha! So I put the room on the back burner to wait until we found out the gender. Well my 12 week apt came (I was going to do the early genetic blood test) and we found out that our baby had passed away. It was heart wrenching for so many reasons and put this room on hold obviously for even longer, I think this was one thing that was more difficult for me to get over, because I had been making plans for both a boy and a girl and loved that sweet baby so much already, I mean this was supposed to be my 4th baby and I hadn’t ever experienced a loss before that.

Anyways, fast forward to August and I found out we were expecting again. I was quite hesitant at first to start doing things for the baby, because I didn’t want to relive that heartache so I just waited, and waited, and waited. Which if you know me, I am a very impatient person ha! The time came to find out if we were having a boy or girl and it was a girl! I was so excited to be able to finally start planning for her to get here and designing her room. And yes, I am very well aware she won’t remember her room, I just love creating beautiful spaces in my house!


Anyways, onto her finished room ;). I will post all the details and DIY projects below :)!



Disclaimer to save money: I don’t EVER pay full price for things. I always wait for sales and coupons in order to save money. I got her wallpaper for 20% off during black friday as well as her chair, waited for a sale for her crib skirt and pouf, and the same for her crib, and light fixture.

Wallpaper (because EVERYONE asks where it is from ha!)

Spoonflower all of their designs can be made into wallpaper :). They have a TON to choose from!

You are so loved sign:

I made this with leftover  1/2″ x 2″ pine craft wood. Made a “box” with the wood to fit a piece of leftover plywood. Painted the plywood white then finish nailed the plywood to the frame I made. I found a printable of the “you are so loved” that I really liked and just printed it off and traced it (more etched) it onto the wood and then used a pencil to trace it lightly on the wood and then finally a sharpie to darken it. The darling wreath, my friend gave it to me from her etsy shop Golden Strand Designs. Her sister makes them and they are so so cute, they also make bows, hats, adorable knit blankets, etc check them out! I nailed a small nail into the plywood and then just hung the wreath over it. It was not staying in place so I used a small command strip and stuck it behind the flowers so it would stop turning.

Light Fixture:

Pottery Barn Baby

Cosette sign:

I did it the same as the other sign. I actually went to buy the frame and the back from a woman who makes these types of signs (I was being super lazy haha) and unfortunately when I got home to put it together the frame cracked so I had to get my own wood anyway. I used some 3/4″ x 1″ craftwood I found at hobby lobby and they worked great! For her name part I designed her name in photoshop (font is still shine you can purchase it here). Then I traced/etched it the same way I did the other sign. Instead of a black Sharpie I used and Oil Based gold paint pen.


Joss and Main. I have to tell you about this chair. It was in my cart for months and I would check the price a couple times a week. The day before I bought it (this was Black Friday) it was $200 more and I decided to check back the next day (Saturday) because even that price was less than I had seen it and it was less money PLUS they had a 30% off coupon. I seriously got a KILLER deal on this! I had to wait 2 months to get it but it was well worth it saving so much money!

Pillow on Chair:



RH Baby and Child I purchased the small one.




I made the sheet. Fabric is from Spoonflower. Made the both pillows inside crib as well. The little doll in the crib is from a cute little shop my friend has. I made the quilt as well from fabrics from Spoonflower, Hawthorne Threads, and Hobby Lobby. The Crib Skirt is from RH Baby & Child.

Shelf by Crib:


Decor on Shelf by Crib:





I found this beauty on KSL for $40 and refinished it! The green turned out SO beautiful I love it! Definitely was something that took a leap of faith, I am normally “safe” and just go neutral and most of the time white ;).

Lamp on Dresser:


Changing Pad Cover:

I made this from fabric from Hawthorne Threads

Prints Above Dresser:

Moss + Twig Prints. They are framed in Ikea Ribba frames.


Rugs USA




Side Table by Chair:

Home Goods

Decor on Side table:

Flowers – Home goods

Vase and Candle – Target dollar spot

Hanging Shelf:

I made this using some string, a 1″x 8″ x 48″ piece of poplar. Got the string and wood beads from hobby lobby. Cut the boards in half, drilled holes, and basically tied knots in the string to hold the boards up. I had to hold up the shelves and tie the knots hung up for each shelf to make sure they were level, that part was pretty tedious. They are hung with Gorilla hooks (hallelujah) because they made 2 tiny holes in my wallpaper. I was SO nervous about hanging them with hooks because the holes would have been huge!

Decor on Shelf:

Owl – Target

Plant – Ikea

Gold Frame (this will have a pic of her in it ;)) – Ikea

Framed Sign – Hobby Lobby

I think that covers it! Let me know if I missed anything! It is such a beautiful space and I absolutely love it!

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Cristina - March 29, 2017 - 1:00 am

Absolutely beautiful!! What is the name of the wallpaper design? I clicked on the spoonflower website but can’t find this one you used– I love it!

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